Love Match.

Love Match is a stage musical based on the meeting of the young Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.



Musical numbersEdit

Act One
  • "These Two Hands" - Melbourne and Victoria
  • "Coronation Parade" - 1st Nursemaid and Ensemble
  • "Play It Again" - Victoria, Melbourne, Duchess, Archbishop and Ensemble
  • "The Packing Song" - Albert and Footmen
  • "As Plain as Daylight" - Victoria
  • "I Hear Bells" - Jones and Plank
  • "I May Want to Remember Today" - Victoria
  • "A Meaningful Life" - Albert
  • "The Grand Diversion" - Victoria, Albert, Melbourne, Duchess, Ernest and Ensemble
  • "I Won't Sleep a Wink Tonight" - Duchess, Ernest, Plank and Two Ladies
  • "Waiting for Morning Alone" - Victoria
  • "Beautiful" - Victoria, Albert and Ensemble
Act Two
  • "I Don't Believe It" - Ernest, Melbourne, Archbishop, Jones and Plank
  • "A World of Love" - Thomas Moore
  • "Mine" - Victoria
  • "A Woman Looking for Love" - Ernest
  • "The Little Part of Me That's Mine" - Albert
  • "Never Again" - Victoria and Company
  • "The World and You" - Albert and Ensemble
  • "Play It Again" (Reprise) - Victoria and Company

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