Love Story.

Love Story is a stage musical based on Erich Segal's novel of the same name.



At Jenny's funeral, her family and friends flashback about her life.

Oliver is a rich young man who meets a spirited young woman, Jenny. She is poor and of Italian heritage, but has attended Radcliffe College and plays the piano. They fall in love and marry, against his family's wishes. Oliver, disinherited, attends law school, while Jenny works to support them. However, she contracts a fatal illness, leukemia, and dies.

Musical numbersEdit

  • "What Can You Say?" — Company
  • "Jenny's Piano Song" — Jenny
  • "Winter's Night" — Oliver, Jenny & Company
  • "Jenny's Piano Song" (Reprise) — Jenny
  • "The Recital" — Oliver & Company
  • "What Happens Now?" — Oliver & Jenny
  • "Nocturnes (Pre-Echo)" — Jenny
  • "Phil's Piano Song" — Phil
  • "Summer's Day" — Phil, Jenny, Oliver & Company
  • "Pasta" — Jenny & Oliver
  • "Everything We Know" — Oliver & Jenny
  • "The Tide Has Turned" — Jenny, Oliver & Company
  • "Nocturnes" — Jenny
  • "Everything We Know" (Reprise) — Jenny & Oliver
  • "What Can You Say" (Reprise) — Company

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