Mack the Knife.

Mack the Knife is a 1989 film adaptation of the classic musical The Threepenny Opera.



In 19th century London, young Polly Peachum falls for the famous womanizing criminal Macheath and they decide to get married, but because of her family's disapproval, her father ("the king of thieves") has Macheath arrested.

Musical numbersEdit

  • Mack the Knife - Street Singer, Jenny and Girls
  • Peachum's Morning Chorale (Morning Anthem) - Peachum
  • I Prefer Duet - Peachum and Mrs Peachum
  • Wedding Song - Wedding Guests
  • Army Song - Macheath, Tiger Brown and Men
  • Love Song - Macheath and Polly
  • Perpendicular Song (Barbara Song) - Street Singer and Polly
  • Ballad of Sexual Dependency - Mrs Peachum
  • Uncertainity of Human Condition - Peachum, Mrs Peachum, Polly and Street Singer
  • Polly's Song - Macheath, Polly and Street Singer
  • Pirate Jenny - Jenny
  • Memories Tango Ballad - Macheath and Jenny
  • Ballad of Pleasant Living - Macheath
  • Jealousy Duet - Lucy and Polly
  • Ballad About What Keeps a Man Alive - Macheath, Jenny, Peachum, Mrs Peachum and Street Singer
  • You'd Better Use Your Head - Jenny, Peachum, Mrs Peachum, Street Singer, Tiger Brown and Reverend Kimball
  • Call from the Grave - Macheath
  • Solomon Song - Jenny
  • Death Message - Macheath
  • Riding Messenger - Jenny, Macheath, Peachum, Mrs Peachum and Tiger Brown
  • Mack the Knife (Reprise) - Street Singer