Maria Doyle Kennedy
Biographical Information
Born September 25th, 1964
Clontarf, Ireland
Recordings Charm
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Vocal Type Baritone

Maria Doyle Kennedy is an Irish actress and singer.


Born in Clontarf, Dublin, Doyle Kennedy performed with Hothouse Flowers and The Black Velvet Band before pursuing a successful career as a solo artist. In 1991 she would make her first film appearance in The Commitments and go on to make screen appearances on television such as Oliver Twist and Queer as Folk.

Doyle Kennedy first gained major recognition as an actress for her role as Katherine of Aragon in The Tudors. This led to further television roles in Titanic and Orphan Black and films including Jupiter Ascending and Sing Street.


A successful singer as well as actress, Doyle Kennedy released a number of albums, Charm, Mütter and Sing, as well as the solo Have Yourself a Merry Christmas.



Charm (2001)Edit

  • Without U (solo)
  • Babes (solo)
  • Snow White (solo)
  • Stars Above (solo)
  • I Scare Myself (solo)
  • Safe From Harm (solo)
  • Helena (solo)
  • Magpie (solo)
  • Loving U Is Killing Me (solo)
  • Bittersweet (solo)
  • Revenge Is Sour (solo)

Mütter (2006)Edit

  • Unbelievable (solo)
  • Mother (solo)
  • Fuckability (solo)
  • Ghost Guitar (solo)
  • Skin (solo)
  • Call Me (solo)
  • Here You Come (solo)
  • Seven More Times (solo)
  • Pattern (solo)
  • Forty Days (solo)
  • Stuck (solo)
  • Opera (solo)
  • Swoon (solo)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2009)Edit

  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (solo)

Sing (2012)Edit

  • Am I Choosing Right (solo)
  • Sing (solo)
  • The Silence (solo)
  • Hola Luna (solo)
  • The Most Beautiful People Are Broken (solo)
  • Twelve White Horses (solo)
  • Sing From The Sea (solo)
  • Yes We Will (solo)
  • Sparky Personality (solo)
  • Promises (solo)

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