Michael Gambon
Biographical Information
Born October 19th, 1940
Dublin, Ireland
Productions The Entertainer as Archie Rice (video)
Vocal Type Baritone

Michael Gambon is an Irish actor.


Born in Cabra, Dublin, he initially worked as an engineer before gaining work at Dublin's Gate Theatre and making a debut in a 1962 production of Othello. Soon appearing with both the National Theatre Company and Birmingham Repertory, Gambon would become a renowned stage presence, appearing in such productions as The Norman Conquests, Betrayal, The Life of Galileo and the title role in King Lear.

Gambon also became a major star onscreen, on television with The Singing Detective and Emma, and in such contrasting film roles as Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film series and the award winning Path to War, in which he portrayed President Lyndon B. Johnson. Gambon was ultimately knighted for his services to acting.


Gambon made his sole singing appearance in a television production of The Entertainer, singing such songs as "Why Should I Care?" and "I Don't Care Where They Bury My Body."


The Entertainer (1993)Edit

  • Why Should I Care? (solo)
  • Hide Your Face Mum
  • Thank God I'm Normal (solo)
  • The Absent-Minded Beggar
  • Why Should I Care? (reprise)(solo)

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