My House in Umbria.

My House in Umbria is a television movie based on the novella by William Trevor.


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Emily Delahunty is an eccentric British romance novelist who lives in Umbria in central Italy. Mrs. Delahunty settled in Italy to flee from a somewhat traumatic past which still haunts her, and lives alone apart from her servants, who put up with her eccentricities. One day while travelling, the train she is on is bombed by terrorists. After she wakes up in a hospital, she invites three of the other survivors of the disaster to stay at her Italian villa for recuperation. Of these are The General, a retired British Army veteran, Werner, a young German photographer, and Aimee, a young American girl who has now become mute after her parents were both killed in the explosion.

As the group recovers from their ordeal (in which The General lost his daughter, and Werner lost his girlfriend and suffered considerable burns to his arm), the explosion is being investigated by Inspector Girotti, a local policeman. Responding to the warmth and kindness of Mrs Delahunty and the others, Aimee begins to speak again, while the local authorities seek out any relatives who might be able to take her in. They eventually locate her uncle, Thomas Riversmith, a university professor in the U.S. He agrees to take Aimee back to the U.S. to live with his wife and himself, though they have little time for (and no experience with) raising children and are particularly concerned about trying to raise a child who has been through such a traumatic experience.

Mrs. Delahunty grows to like her new housemates and invites the General and Werner to stay indefinitely. She also works hard to find common ground with Aimee's uncle and tries to convince him to leave Aimee with her in Italy rather than taking the child back to America to a loveless home. Meanwhile, Inspector Girotti discovers that Werner was involved in the terrorist attack on the train. Mrs. Delahunty reluctantly admits that she has come to the same conclusion, but Werner departs in secret before he can be confronted. Although disappointed by the revelation, Mrs. Delahunty is delighted to learn that the General intends to stay on and that Thomas has allowed Aimee to remain as well. The film ends with Mrs. Delahunty embracing her new circumstances, having finally resolved her inner turmoil.

Musical numbersEdit

  • "Non Piu Andrai" - Quinty

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