Nigel Hawthorne
Biographical Information
Born April 5th, 1929
Coventry, England
Died December 26th, 2001
Radwell, England
Productions Privates on Parade as Major Giles Flack
The Black Cauldron as Fflewddur Flam
Recordings Privates on Parade (original cast recording)
Oh, Lady, Lady! (2001 studio cast)
Vocal Type Tenor

Nigel Hawthorne was an English actor.


Born in Coventry, Warwickshire, Hawthorne lived and studied in Cape Town, before returning to England to act. He made his stage debut in 1950 and became recognised for his leading role in The Madness of George III (and the subsequent film) and the television series Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister in which he won four BAFTAs for playing Sir Humphrey Appleby.

Hawthorne also appeared in a number of films, often Shakesperian adaptations, such as Richard III and Twelfth Night, and twice voiced characters for Disney films. He was knighted in 1999.

Hawthorne passed away in 2001.


Hawthorne sang on a few occasions, originating the role of Major Flack in Privates on Parade (in which he sang "The Prince of Peace") and appearing on a studio cast recording of Oh, Lady, Lady! He also briefly sang as the character of Fflewddur Flam in The Black Cauldron.


The Black Cauldron (1985)Edit

  • Fflewddur's Song (solo)


Privates on Parade (1978)Edit

  • The Prince of Peace (solo)


Oh, Lady, Lady! (2001)Edit

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