Noël Coward
Biographical Information
Born December 16th, 1899
Teddington, England
Died March 26th, 1973
Blue Harbour, Jamaica
Productions Ford Star Jubilee
Surprise Package as King Pavel II
Recordings I'll See You Again
Nöel Coward at Las Vegas
Noel Coward in New York
The Master Sings
Together With Music
Vocal Type Tenor

Noël Coward was an English playwright, actor and director.


Born in Teddington, London, Coward attended a dance academy from a young age and made his stage debut aged eleven in the children's play The Goldfish. He appeared in several plays as a young performer, including Where the Rainbow Ends and Peter and Wendy. In 1918 he wrote his first play, The Rat Trap and created a number of works before turning to revues and gaining critical success as writer of The Vortex and Hay Fever.

During the 1920s Coward had a range of hits, including Bitter Sweet, Cavalcade and the sell-out hit Private Lives. He also appeared in such films as The Scoundrel, In Which We Serve and The Italian Job.

Coward passed away in 1973.


Though he often wrote musicals, Coward only performed onscreen botably on two occasions, on an episode of Ford Star Jubilee alongside Mary Martin, and in the film Surprising Package, where he played King Pavel II.

Coward frequently appeared in one-man shows for which he often released live albums, as well as such recordings as I'll See You Again and The Master Sings.


Surprise Package (1960)Edit

  • Surprise Package (solo)


Ford Star Jubilee (1955)Edit

  • Together with Music (duet)
  • First Medley (solo)
  • Ninety Minutes Is a Long, Long Time (duet)
  • Third Medley (solo)
  • Fifth Medley (solo)
  • Deep in the Heart of Texas (solo)
  • Sixth Medley (duet)


I'll See You Again (1954)Edit

  • A Room With A View (solo)
  • Don't Put Your Daughter On The Stage Mrs. Worthington (solo)
  • World Weary (solo)
  • Alice (solo)
  • Someday I'll Find You (solo)
  • Mad Dogs And Englishmen (solo)
  • Poor Little Rich Girl (solo)
  • Uncle Harry (solo)
  • I'll See You Again (solo)

Noël Coward at Las Vegas (1955)Edit

  • Dance, Little Lady (solo)
  • I'll Follow My Secret Heart (solo)
  • If Love Were All (solo)
  • Play, Orchestra, Play (solo)
  • Loch Lomond (solo)
  • A Bar On The Piccola Marina (solo)
  • Nina (solo)
  • Matelot (solo)
  • Let's Do It (solo)
  • The Party's Over Now (solo)

Noël Coward in New York (1959)Edit

  • I Like America (solo)
  • Louisa (solo)
  • Half-Caste Woman (solo)
  • I Went To A Marvelous Party (solo)
  • Time And Again (solo)
  • Why Must The Show Go On (solo)
  • New York Medley (solo)
  • What's Going To Happen To The Tots (solo)
  • Sail Away (solo)
  • Wait A Bit, Joe (solo)
  • 20th Century Blues (solo)
  • I Wonder What Happened To Him (Indian Army Officer)(solo)
  • The Party's Over Now (solo)

The Master Sings (1966)Edit

  • The Stately Homes Of England (solo)
  • Let's Say Goodbye (solo)
  • Any Little Fish (solo)
  • I Wonder What Happened To Him (solo)
  • There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner (solo)
  • London Pride (solo)
  • Imagine The Duchess's Feelings (solo)
  • His Excellency Regrets (solo)

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