Orson Welles
Biographical Information
Born May 6th, 1915
Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Died October 10th, 1985
Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States
Productions It Won't Be Long Now as Jim Bailey
Finesse the Queen as William J. Spurns
The Dean Martin Show
Vocal Type Bass-Baritone

Orson Welles was an American actor and director.


Born George Welles in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he began his career as an actor after walking into an audition in Dublin claiming to be a Broadway star. He found repetory work back in the United States before becoming a radio actor, where he would perform his infamous broadcast of War of the Worlds. He also became a writer and director of his own plays or adaptations, often of the works of Shakespeare.

In the 1940s he became a director, directing and starring in Citizen Kane, a film frequently held up as one of the greatest of all time. From here Welles' star continued to rise as he appeared in a large number of Hollywood productions, such as Jane Eyre, whilst directing films such as The Magnificent Ambersons and The Lady From Shanghai.

As he grew older, Welles worked frequently as a narrator and in advertisement, though he made no secret that he was working for the money. He passed away in 1985.


In his youth, Welles appeared in two musicals by Roger Hill and Carl Hendrickson, It Won't Be Long Now and Finesse the Queen, both of which required him to sing in the ensemble.

He also appeared twice as himself, on Shindig!, where he sang "Around the World We Go", and The Dean Martin Show, where he joined Martin, Jack Gilford and Pat Crowley in performing "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid".


Shindig! (1964)Edit

  • So Many Things to Remember

The Dean Martin Show (1965)Edit

  • Everybody Ought to Have a Maid (contains solo lines)


It Won't Be Long Now (1927)Edit

  • Around the World We Go

Finesse the Queen (1928)Edit

  • Everybody Loves a Fellow Who Is Smiling
  • Finale

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