Os Desafinados.

Os Desafinados is a Brazilian film made in 2008.


Singing castEdit

Non-singing castEdit

  • Cláudia Abreu - Gloria
  • Arthur Kohl - Older Dico
  • Bene Silva - Older Geraldo
  • Renato Borghi - Cônsul Carlos José


In 1960 , five friends form the band Rio Bossa Five. They seek success and dream of playing at Carnegie Hall . So they go to Manhattan and there they found a muse, who returns with them to Brazil and joins the group. The film is punctuated by musical movement of Bossa Nova and the political situation in Brazil.

Musical numbersEdit

  • "Meditação" - Gloria
  • "Quero Você" - Gloria
  • "Sonho Brasileiro" - Young Geraldo
  • "Carinhoso" - Gloria and Antonio
  • "Copacabana" - Antonio

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