Peter Ustinov
Biographical Information
Born April 21st, 1916
London, England
Died March 24th, 2004
Genolier, Switzerland
Productions Quo Vadis as Nero
We're No Angels as Jules
The Sundowners as Rupert Venneker
Blackbeard's Ghost as Edward Teach/Blackbeard
Animal Farm as Old Major
Recordings Blackbeard's Ghost (soundtrack)
Animal Farm (film soundtrack
Vocal Type Baritone

Peter Ustinov was an English actor, writer and ambassador.


Born in London, England, he made his theatrical debut at the Players' Theatre whilst writing plays of his own, most famously Romanoff and Juliet. He became recognised onscreen for his grandiose, theatrical performances, including Nero in Quo Vadis and an Academy Award winning turn in Spartacus. He also provided the voice of the villainous, cowardly Prince John (and his brother Richard) in Disney's Robin Hood.

As well as acting, Ustinov also directed a number of operas and even performed the costume and set designs for several productions. He was well known for his anecdotes, and was a popular chat show guest. Outside of showbusiness, Ustinov worked for UNICEF, and was knighted for his works.

He died in 2004, aged 82.


Throughout his career, Ustinov sang a number of times, firstly in one of his earliest films, We're No Angels, with Humphrey Bogart and Aldo Ray and later in The Sundowners, singing "Botany Bay" with Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr and Glynis Johns. He had also performed as Nero in Quo Vadis

As well as releasing comedy single Three Depressing Love Songs, Ustinov would go on to sing in two further films, Blackbeard's Ghost and Animal Farm, for which he appeared on the respective soundtracks.


Quo Vadis (1951)Edit

  • The Burning of Rome (solo)

We're No Angels (1955)Edit

  • Three Angels

The Sundowners (1960)Edit

  • Botany Bay

Blackbeard's Ghost (1968)Edit

  • Heart of Oak (contains solo lines)

Animal Farm (1999)Edit

  • Beasts of the World (contains solo lines)


Phoney FolkloreEdit

  • Three Depressing Love Songs

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