Peter Woodthorpe
Biographical Information
Born September 25th, 1931
York, England
Died August 12th, 2004
Banbury, England
Productions Darling of the Day as Oxford
Recordings Darling of the Day (original cast recording)
Vocal Type Baritone

Peter Woodthorpe was an English actor.


Born in York, England, Woodthorpe began as a stage actor, notably playing Estragon in the original English production of Waiting for Godot and Aston in the original The Caretaker.

Woodthorpe also appeared in a number of films, including several Hammer Horror films, and appeared on television as Max the Pathologist in Inspector Morse and Reg Trotter in Only Fools and Horses. He was a noted voice actor, playing Gollum in both the animated film The Lord of the Rings and and the later radio series) as well as Pigsy in Monkey.

He passed away in 2004.


Woodthorpe only sang professionally once, in the original cast of the musical Darling of the Day, as Oxford.


Darling of the Day (1968)(originated the role)Edit

  • He's a Genius (contains solo lines)
  • Panache (duet)
  • He's a Genius (reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • Finale

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