Phil Hartman
Biographical Information
Born September 24th, 1948
Brantford, Canada
Died May 28th, 1998
Encino, Los Angeles, United States
Productions The Brave Little Toaster as Air Conditioner/Hanging Lamp
Saturday Night Live
The Simpsons as Troy McClure/Lionel Hutz/Various Roles
Saturday Night Live Christmas as Various Roles
Recordings The Brave Little Toaster (film soundtrack)
Go Simpsonic With the Simpsons
Vocal Type Baritone

Phil Hartman was an American actor and comedian.


Born Philip Hartmann in Brantford, Ontario, he began as a graphic artist before making his first screen appearance on The Dating Game. Hartman began to gain a name for himself as a comedian whilst working with The Groundlings, as well as co-creating the character "Pee-wee Herman." However it was on Saturday Night Live that Hartman would gain greatest recognition.

As well as his comedy work on television, Hartman also appeared in such films as So I Married An Axe Murderer, Jingle All the Way and Small Soldiers as well as providing voices for Dennis the Menace, and as Troy McClure (amongst others on) The Simpsons.

Hartman passed away in 1998.


Hartman sang both as a voice actor and a comedian, singing "B-Movie Show" in The Brave Little Toaster and several numbers in The Simpsons, including "The Monorail Song" and "Stop Planet of the Apes, I Wanna Get Off".

Hartman also performed often on Saturday Night Live, including "Three Very Lonely Cowboys" and "Let's Pretend We Like Each Other (This Christmas) on Saturday Night Live Christmas.


The Brave Little Toaster (1987)Edit

  • B-Movie Show (contains solo lines)


Saturday Night Live (1989)Edit

  • Three Very Lonely Cowboys (contains solo lines)
  • Not Going to Phone It in Tonight
  • We're Cowboys and We're Proud (contains solo lines)

Saturday Night Live Christmas (1999)Edit

  • Auld Lang Syne (solo)
  • Let's Pretend We Like Each Other (This Christmas)


  • The Almost Perfect Christmas (contains solo lines)
  • Ballad of the Co-Dependent (solo)
  • Carol of Intimacy (contains solo lines)

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