Platinum is a stage musical.



Set in a Hollywood recording studio, it centers on Lila Halliday, a star of 1940s and 1950s movie musicals who is attempting a comeback. In the process, she falls for a young rock star named Dan Riley.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Back With a Beat/Nothing But" - Lila
  • "Sunset" - Crystal, Avery, Damita and Robin
  • "Ride Baby Ride" - Dan, Damita, Robin and Avery
  • "Destiny" - War Bride
  • "Disco Destiny" - Crystal and Company
  • "I Am the Light" - Dan
  • "Movie Star Mansion" - Dan and Lila
Act II
  • "Platinum Dreams" - Avery, Damita and Robin
  • "Trials and Tribulations/I Like You" - Crystal and Lila
  • "1945" - Dan and Lila
  • "Too Many Mirrors" - Lila
  • "Old Times, Good Times" - Lila and Company

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