Purple Dust is a stage musical with a basis in Irish folklore.



Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "The Bosky Countrie" - Poges, Stoke, Souhaun, Avril
  • "The Heights of a Pillow" - O'Killigain
  • 'Ready for Anything" - Poges, Stoke
  • "Canon's Song" - Canon
  • "How I Grieve" - Souhaun
  • "How I Grieve" (reprise) - O'Dempsey
Act II
  • "I Saw From the Beach" - O'Dempsey
  • "Come From the Dyin'" - O'Killigain, O'Dempsey
  • "For to Tie Up My Shoe" - Avril
  • "Come From the Dyin'" - Company

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