Pursued is a 1947 Western drama.


Singing rolesEdit

Non-singing rolesEdit


Set in New Mexico around the turn of the 20th Century and told in flashback, the film tells the story of Jeb, whose entire family was slaughtered when he was a child. In the aftermath of the massacre, Jeb is found by Mrs. Callum, a widow, who will raise him in her family. Traumatized by the killings, Jeb doesn't recall anything of that night, except for vague images that he sees in a frequent nightmare. Mrs. Callum raises him as her own son, together with her daughter Thorley and her son Adam.

Years later, Jeb is shot at while riding a colt, but the shooter misses him; although Mrs. Callum blames the incident on deer hunters, she knows that it was an attempted murder by her brother-in-law Grant, who, for vague reasons, is determined to kill Jeb.

Musical numbersEdit

  • "Danny Boy" - Jeb and Adam
  • "The Streets of Laredo" - Jeb

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