Rachael Lily Rosenbloom (And Don't You Ever Forget It)

Rachael Lily Rosenbloom (And Don't You Ever Forget It) is a stage musical about a Brooklyn market seller's rise to fame and fortune.



The plot revolves around the misadventures of the title character and her journey from a Brooklyn fish market to fame as a Hollywood gossip columnist and then a career culminating in an Academy Award nomination and a nervous breakdown.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Academy Awards Theme" - Company
  • "Dear Miss Streisand" - Rachael
  • "Delivery Boys' Lament" - Delivery Boys
  • "Me and My Perch" - Rachael, Huck and Company
  • "Gorgeous Lily" - Rachael, Joey and Brooklynites
  • "Get Your Show Rolling" - Jeanette, Rachael and Company
  • "Hollywood! Hollywood!" - Jeanette, Rachael, Joey and Company
  • "East Brooklyn Blues" - Ken, Huck, Rachael and Brooklynites
  • "Broadway Rhythm" - Stella and Girls
  • "Hollywood is Dying" - Boys
  • "Broadway I Love You" - Stella
  • "Raymond's Song" - Raymond and Rachael
  • "Seduction Samba" - Jeanette and Company
  • "Rona, Mona and Me" - Raymond, Mona, Mona
  • "Working for Stella" - Stella and Rachael
  • "Silver Diamond Rhinestone Glasses" - Rachael
  • "Party Sickness" - Company
  • "Take Me Savage" - Stella and Sun Worshippers
  • "Overdose" - Company
  • "Get Your Show Rolling (Reprise)" - Jeanette, Rachael, Full Company
Act II
  • "Academy Awards Theme" - Company
  • "Change in Raquel" - Rachael, Raymond, Dick and Company
  • "Raquel Gives the Dish" - Rachael, Anthony and Company
  • "Gorgeous Lily (Reprise)" - Rachael and Raymond
  • "Ochos Rios" - Rachael, Andre, Rachael's Twin, Raymond and Company
  • "Cobra Woman" - Rachael and Company
  • "Things" - Rachael, Kenneth, Thomas, Dick and Company
  • "One Man" - Rachael, Stella, Jeanette, Girls
  • "We'll Be There" - Jeanette and Company
  • "One Man (Reprise)" - Stella and Jeanette
  • "Broadway Rhythm (Reprise)" - Full Company
  • "We'll Be There (Reprise)" - Full Company

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