Ray Walston
Biographical Information
Born November 2nd, 1914
Laurel, Mississippi, United States
Died January 1st, 2001
Beverly Hills, California, United States
Productions South Pacific as Luther Billis
Damn Yankees as Mr. Applegate (original Broadway cast)
South Pacific as Luther Billis
What Lola Wants as Mr. Applegate
My Favourite Martian as Uncle Martin
Paint Your Wagon as Mad Jack Duncan
Canterbury Tales as Steward/Carpenter/January
Popeye as Poopdeck Pappy
Fame as Tim O'Banyan
The Stand as Glen Bateman
Recordings Damn Yankees (original cast recording)
South Pacific (film soundtrack)
What Lola Wants (film soundtrack)
Paint Your Wagon (film soundtrack)
Popeye (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Tenor

Ray Walston was an American actor.


Born Herman Raymond Walston in Laurel, Mississippi, he began his career on the stage in New Orleans and later made his Broadway debut in Hamlet in 1945. He would soon become known for his musical roles, but also appeared in straight plays such as King Richard III and There Shall Be No Night.

Walston gained success for his comic role as Uncle Martin in My Favourite Martian, and appeared in many more character roles with shows such as The Incredible Hulk and Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as films including Fast Times at Ridgemont Hill.

Walston passed away in 2001.


Walston first reached success in stage musicals such as South Pacific (as Billis) and Applegate in Damn Yankees. He later reprised these roles in their respective film adaptations.

As well as singing briefly in My Favourite Martian, Walston also appeared as Mad Jack Duncan in the Western musical Paint Your Wagon, made a return to the stage in Canterbury Tales and portrayed Poopdeck Pappy in Popeye.


South Pacific (1958)Edit

  • There is Nothing Like a Dame (contains solo lines)
  • Honey Bunch (contains solo lines)

What Lola Wants (1958)Edit

  • Those Were the Good Old Days (solo)

Paint Your Wagon (1969)Edit

  • Best Things (contains solo lines)
  • Finale (I'm On My Way)(contains solo lines)

Popeye (1980)Edit

  • It's Not Easy Bein' Me (duet)
  • Children (solo)


My Favourite Martian (1964)Edit

  • Jimmy Crack Corn (solo)
  • The Gospel Train (solo)
  • Sweet Genevieve
  • My Mother on Mars (solo)

Fame (1982)Edit

  • A Couple of Swells (duet)

The Stand (1994)Edit

  • Baby Can You Dig Your Man (duet)
  • The Star-Spangled Banner


South Pacific (1950)Edit

  • Bloody Mary
  • There Is Nothing Like a Dame
  • Bali Ha'i (contains solo lines)
  • Honey Bun (reprise)(solo)

Damn Yankees (1955)(originated the role)Edit

  • Those Were the Good Old Days (solo)

Canterbury Tales (1970)Edit

  • Pater Noster (contains solo lines)
  • Pear Tree (contains solo lines)

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