Ray Winstone
Biographical Information
Born February 19th, 1957
Homerton, England
Productions Fanny and Elvis as David Ernest Parker
Love, Honour and Obey as Ray Creed
Cold Mountain as Teague
Everything as Richard
Recordings Love, Honour and Obey (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Baritone

Ray Winstone is an English actor.


Born in Homerton, England, Winstone made his earliest stage appearance as an extra in Emil and the Detectives before studying at the Corona Stage Academy and gaining his first major role as Chas in What a Crazy World. Onscreen, he gained notoriety for his role in the television play Scum.

Winstone was to have a number of television roles, notably as Will Scarlet in Robin of Sherwood and the titular character in the well-received mini-series Henry VIII. He also gained a reputation for playing "hard" roles which he appeared as in several films such as in Nil By Mouth, Sexy Beast and Indiana Jones (where he played the wheeler-dealing George "Mac" MacHale). He also worked as a voice actor on films in the Narnia series (as Mr. Beaver) and Rango, where he played Bad Bill.


Winstone sang in a number of films, most notably in Fanny and Elvis (where he performed the classic Elvis songs "Hound Dog" and "Love Me Tender") and in Everything, in which he performed the ballad "Tender."


Fanny and Elvis (1999)Edit

  • Hound Dog (solo)
  • Love Me Tender (solo)

Love, Honour and Obey (2000)Edit

  • The Harder They Come (solo)

Cold Mountain (2003)Edit

  • I Wish My Baby Was Born (contains solo lines)

Everything (2004)Edit

  • Tender (contains solo lines)

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