Red Zone Cuba.

Red Zone Cuba, also known as Night Train to Mundo Finé, is a 1966 action drama film.


Singing rolesEdit

Non-singing rolesEdit


In the film's opening sequence, a young reporter asks a train engineer about three men—Griffin, Cook and Landis—who hopped his freight train years back. "He ran all the way to hell," the engineer remarks about Griffin. The title sequence follows, and afterwards the film proper picks up.

During the course of the film, Griffin escapes from jail, and runs into Cook and Landis. The three make their way to an airstrip run by Cherokee Jack who flies the men to a military training facility, where they will be paid to take part in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Having been deceived about the money they were to receive, the three attempt to escape, only to be recaptured and forced to invade Cuba. They are soon captured again, this time by the Communist Cuban forces.

A lengthy sequence of executions is ended when the three escape again. They abandon their badly wounded superior officer, Bailey Chastain, although he begs them to take him along. Desperately he informs them of his family's mine back home that contains pitchblende, tungsten, and other precious metals. They still refuse because they cannot carry him during their escape. They find an airstrip and steal a light aircraft to return to the US.

Back on American soil, the three engage in a variety of crimes to get to the home of Chastain's wife to help her mine the metals her husband had mentioned in Cuba. They throw café owner Cliff Weismeyer down a well and steal his car; they also hop a train. Eventually, the law catches up with them as they and Chastain's wife Ruby head towards the mine. Cook and Landis surrender and Griffin dies in a shootout with the police. Chastain returns alive and is reunited with his wife. As police collect the belongings Griffin was carrying at the time of death, a voice-over (Francis) somberly intones that Griffin "ran all the way to hell...with a penny and a broken cigarette" as the film ends.

Musical numbersEdit

  • "Night Train to Mundo Finé" - Wilson

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