Reese Witherspoon
Biographical Information
Born March 22nd, 1976
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Productions S.F.W. as Wendy Pfister
Walk the Line as June Carter Cash
Wild as Cheryl
Recordings Walk the Line (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Mezzo-soprano

Reese Witherspoon is an American actress.


Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, she was a child model aged seven, at which time she began to take acting lessons. In 1991 she took an open audition for The Man in the Moon and was unexpectedly cast as the lead. She appeared in a number of television programs and films before her breakthrough in Legally Blonde.

Witherspoon balanced her career with comedy and dramatic roles, including Sweet Home Alabama and Vanity Fair, before gaining the Academy Award for Best Actress for Walk the Line. She acheived her second nomination in 2014 for the film adaptation of the memoir "Wild".


Witherspoon has sang in a number of roles, beginning with S.F.W. where she performed the duet "As Long As We've Got Each Other". Her largest singing role came with the biopic Walk the Line, where she played singer June Carter Cash. She also sang briefly in the biographical drama Wild.


S.F.W. (1994)Edit

  • As Long As We've Got Each Other (duet)

Walk the Line (2006)Edit

  • Time's a Wastin' (duet)
  • Juke Box Blues (solo)
  • Wildwood Flower (solo)
  • It Ain't Me Babe (duet)
  • Jackson (duet)
  • Ring of Fire (duet)

Wild (2014)Edit

  • El Condor Pasa (If I Could)(solo)

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