Rhys Darby
Biographical Information
Born March 21st, 1974
New Zealand
Productions Flight of the Conchords as Murray Hewitt
Recordings Flight of the Conchords
Vocal Type Tenor

Rhys Darby is a New Zealand actor and comedian.


Born in New Zealand, Darby began in the New Zealand Army before forming the comedy duo Rhysently Granted and later moving to the UK to pursue a career as a solo comedian. Once here, he was cast as the Flight of the Conchords manager in both their radio and television iterations.

In addition to working with the Conchords, Darby also made several film appearances, playing Norman in Yes Man, DJ Angus Nuttsford in The Boat That Rocked and Anton, the mild-mannered werewolf alpha male in What We Do in the Shadows.


As well as portraying band manager Murray Hewitt, Darby also featured on a number of songs in Flight of the Conchords, most notably the love ballad "Leggy Blonde."


Flight of the Conchords (2007)Edit

  • Leggy Blonde (contains solo lines)
  • Rejected (duet)
  • Hurt Feelings (reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • Friends (contains solo lines)

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