Ricardo Montalbán
Biographical Information
Born November 25th, 1920
Mexico City, Mexico
Died January 14th, 2009
Los Angeles, California, United States
Productions Neptune's Daughter as Jose O'Rourke
Two Weeks With Love as Demi Armendez
Seventh Heaven as Chico (original Broadway cast)
Jamaica as Koli (original Broadway cast)
The Fantasticks as El Gallo
Recordings Neptune's Daughter (film soundtrack)
Two Weeks With Love (film soundtrack)
Seventh Heaven (original cast recording)
Jamaica (original cast recording)
Vocal Type Baritone

Ricardo Montalbán was a Mexican actor.


Born Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino in Mexico City, Montalbán became a singing chorus member in American pictures before becoming a star in his homeland, leading to his being sought in Hollywood, typically as Latin lover types, both heroic and roguish. He also became the popular spokesman for the Chrysler Cordoba.

Montalban's best known roles were televisual, namely the mysterious Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island and Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek, a part he reprised for the second motion picture. He continued to act into his old age; even continuing to play voice roles and wheelchair bound characters (such as Grandpa in Spy Kids) when an injury left him paralysed from the waist down.

Montalbán died in 2009.


Montalbán appeared in a number of both films and stage musicals; beginning with Neptune's Daughter, in which he performed the standard "Baby It's Cold Outside" before making his stage debut originating the role of Chico in Seventh Heaven.

Montalban's greatest musical success was a Tony nominated turn as Koli in Jamaica. In 1964 he played the key role of El Gallo in the television film The Fantasticks.


Neptune's Daughter (1949)Edit

  • Baby It's Cold Outside (duet)
  • My Heart Beats Faster (solo)

Two Weeks With Love (1950)Edit

  • By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  • My Hero (duet)

The Fantasticks (1964)Edit

  • Try to Remember (solo)
  • Round and Round (duet)
  • Try to Remember (reprise)(solo)


Seventh Heaven (1955)(originated the role)Edit

  • A Man With a Dream (solo)
  • Remarkable Fellow (solo)
  • Sun at My Window, Love at My Door (contains solo lines)
  • A "Miss You" Kiss (contains solo lines)

Jamaica (1957)(originated the role)Edit

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