Richard Briers
Biographical Information
Born January 14th, 1934
Raynes Park, England
Died February 17th, 2013
London, England
Productions The Good Life as Tom Good
A Chorus of Disapproval as Ted Washbrook
Love's Labour's Lost as Sir Nathaniel
Monarch of the Glen as Hector MacDonald
Recordings Love's Labour's Lost (film soundtrack)

Richard Briers was an English actor.


Born in Raynes Park, Surrey, Briers was introduced to acting during his National Service in the RAF, and after he left he studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Upon graduating he spent several months in repertory companies before a West End debut in Gilt and Gingerbread. He soon came to public attention after being cast in the sitcom Marriage Lines.

Briers' main successes came from television, most famously his leading role in classic sitcom The Good Life. He did return to the stage however, frequently collaborating with Kenneth Branagh in Shakespeare productions, including for several films, such as Branagh's uncut adaptation of Hamlet. He also was often used as a voice actor, in films such as Watership Down and television shows like Bob the Builder.

Briers passed away in 2013.


Briers performed on the soundtrack album of just one of his films, namely Love's Labour's Lost, in which he performed a duet of "The Way You Look Tonight". However, he also sang briefly in a number of others, particularly the musical A Chorus of Disapproval, as well as on television, notably several times on his most famous program The Good Life.


A Chorus of Disapproval (1989)Edit

  • Fill Every Glass
  • Let Us Take That Role

Love's Labour's Lost (2000)Edit

  • The Way You Look Tonight (duet)


The Good Life (1975)Edit

  • I'm Just Wild About Harry (solo)
  • Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)(duet)
  • Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' (solo)
  • Happy Birthday (duet)

Monarch of the Glen (2000)Edit

  • Keep On To the Right Side of the Road (solo)

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