Rick Moranis
Biographical Information
Born April 18th, 1953
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Productions Little Shop of Horrors as Seymour Krelborn
Parenthood as Nathan Huffner
Muppets Tonight as Himself
Recordings Little Shop of Horrors (film soundtrack)
You, Me, the Music and Me
The Agoraphobic Cowboy
My Mother's Brisket and Other Love Songs
Vocal Type Tenor

Rick Moranis is a Canadian actor.


Born in Toronto, Ontario, Moranis was initially a DJ before joining the cast of SCTV and becoming known for the characters "Bob and Doug" who he created with Dave Thomas. This ultimately led to a successful film career in comedies such as Spaceballs and Ghostbusters.

After appearing in the successful Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise, Moranis began to leave acting, retiring to look after his children following the death of his wife. Despite this, he continued to make occasional voice appearances in productions such as Brother Bear.


Moranis has a number of musical credits to his name, firstly and most notably the film Little Shop of Horrors in which he played Seymour, and later in Parenthood, where he gave an acapella rendition of "Close to You". He also appeared as himself in an episode of Muppets Tonight.

Moranis also released a number of comedy albums from 1989 to 2013, including My Mother's Brisket and Other Love Songs, an ode to all things Jewish.


Little Shop of Horrors (1986)Edit

  • Skid Row (Downtown)(contains solo lines)
  • Da-Doo (recitative)(contains solo lines)
  • Grow For Me (solo)
  • Feed Me (Git It!)(duet)
  • Suddenly, Seymour (duet)
  • The Meek Shall Inherit (contains solo lines)

Parenthood (1989)Edit

  • Close to You (solo)


Muppets Tonight (1997)Edit

  • High Hopes (contains solo lines)
  • Salute to the late Fifties crooners, obscure British bands and Bill Withers (solo)


You, Me, the Music and Me (1989)Edit

  • The Final Chord (contains solo lines)
  • A Day In The Life (contains solo lines)
  • Man On The Moon (contains solo lines)
  • Light My Fire (contains solo lines)
  • Jabberwocky (contains solo lines)
  • Coffee (contains solo lines)
  • One Note Samba (contains solo lines)
  • Ipanema Rap (contains solo lines)
  • Weather (contains solo lines)
  • Hockey (contains solo lines)
  • Larry Siegel (contains solo lines)
  • Music And Love (contains solo lines)
  • Autobahn (contains solo lines)

The Agoraphobic Cowboy (2005)Edit

  • Nine More Gallons (solo)
  • It's The Champgane Talkin' (solo)
  • Give Me The News (solo)
  • Press Pound (solo)
  • I Ain't Goin' Nowhere (solo)
  • Wheaties Box (solo)
  • Three Days Rest (solo)
  • Oh So Bucco (solo)
  • Five Star Motels (solo)
  • Mean Old Man (solo)
  • Four More Beers (solo)
  • SOS (solo)
  • Bonus Track (solo)

My Mother's Brisket and Other Love Songs (2013)Edit

  • I'm Old Enough To Be Your Zaide (solo)
  • My Wednesday Balabusta (solo)
  • Live Blogging The Himel Family Bris (solo)
  • My Mother's Brisket (solo)
  • Belated Haftorah (solo)
  • Pu-Pu-Pu (solo)
  • Parve (solo)
  • Wiggle Room (solo)
  • I Can't Help It, I Just Like Christmas (solo)
  • The Seven Days Of Shiva (solo)
  • Kiss My Mezuzah (solo)
  • Asian Confusion (solo)
  • Oy, The Mistakes I Made (solo)

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