Rik Mayall
Biographical Information
Born March 7th, 1958
Harlow, England
Died June 9th, 2014
Barnes, England
Productions Shock Treatment as "Rest Home" Ricky
Bottom as Ritchie Richard
Jesus Christ Superstar as King Herod
Midsomer Murders as David Roper
Recordings Shock Treatment (film soundtrack)
Living Doll
Noble England
Vocal Type Tenor

Rik Mayall was an English actor and comedian.


Born in Harlow, Essex, Mayall began acting in his parents plays as a youth and studied at the University of Manchester. He began working with regular collaborator Adrian Edmondson in the 1980s and helped found The Comic Strip, a club for up and coming performers. In 1982 he gained wider recognition for cowriting and starring in The Young Ones.

Mayall continued his work on television, which including works such as Bottom and The New Statesman, as well as guest-starring as Mad Gerald and Lord Flashheart in Blackadder. He and Edmondson also co-starred in Waiting for Godot and provided voices for Watership Down and the video game Hogs of War.

Mayall passed away in 2014.


Mayall first sang in the role of "Rest Home" Ricky in Shock Treatment and later had a memorable cameo as King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar. He also released the football anthem "Noble England" in 2010.


Shock Treatment (1981)Edit

  • Farley's Song (contains solo lines)
  • Lullaby (contains solo lines)
  • Look What I Did to My Id (contains solo lines)

Jesus Christ Superstar (2000)Edit

  • King Herod's Song (solo)


Bottom (1991)Edit

  • Do Your Balls Hang Low? (solo)

Midsomer Murders (2009)Edit

  • O Tannenbaum (solo)


Living Doll (1986)Edit

  • Living Doll

Noble England (2010)Edit

  • Noble England (solo)