Robert Powell
Biographical Information
Born June 1st, 1944,
Salford, England
Productions Sherlock Holmes: The Musical as Sherlock Holmes
Singin' in the Rain as R.F. Simpson
Recordings Sherlock Holmes: The Musical (1993 revival cast)
Vocal Type Tenor

Robert Powell is an English actor.


Born in Salford, Lancashire, Powell worked on stage under Trevor Nunn, worked in comedy revues with Jasper Carrott and made his film debut in Robbery. He had early success with Doomwatch, but it was playing Jesus in the epic series Jesus of Nazareth that brought Powell fame and recognition.

In 1978 Powell would appear in his second most popular role, as Richard Hannay in an adaptation of John Buchan's The Thirty-Nine Steps. In later years, Powell became popular as a narrator on documentaries and audio books, but also remained a familiar face on British television due to a regular role as Mark Williams in the medical drama Holby City. He also portrayed the lead in the stage play King Charles III.



Powell has made no onscreen singing appearances but has appeared in two stage musicals, playing the lead role in the 1993 revival tour of Sherlock Holmes: The Musical, and playing the entrepreneurial film producer R.F. Simpson in the 2012 revival production of Singin' in the Rain.

Sherlock Holmes: The Musical (1993)Edit

  • Opening (duet)
  • Without Him, There Can Be No Me (duet)
  • Look Around You (contains solo lines)
  • Men Like You (duet)
  • I Shall Find Her (contains solo lines)
  • My Incomparable Best (solo)
  • A Million Years Ago (duet)
  • The Best of You, The Best of Me (duet)
  • Finale - Sherlock Holmes (contains solo lines)

Singin' in the Rain (2012)Edit

  • Singin' in the Rain (Finale)

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