Robert Shaw
Biographical Information
Born August 9th, 1927
Westhoughton, England
Died August 28th, 1978
Tourmakeady, Ireland
Productions A Man for All Seasons as King Henry VIII
Gantry as Elmer Gantry
Jaws as Bartholomew Quint
Vocal Type Baritone

Robert Shaw was an English actor.


Born in Westhoughton, Lancashire, he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, working as a teacher and serving in the Royal Air Force before becoming an actor. He made his West End stage debut in 1952 and became prominent due to his film appearances during the 1960s in From Russia With Love, The Battle of the Bulge and an Academy Award nominated turn as Henry VIII in A Man for All Seasons.

Shaw was also an accomplished author of both novels and plays, most notably penning The Man in the Glass Booth (starring in the subsequent stage adaptation). One of his most recognised roles came in 1975, playing the grizzled fisherman Quint in Jaws.

Shaw passed away in 1978.


Shaw had three singing roles, briefly singing "I'm Going a'Courting Mother" in A Man for All Seasons, playing the titular lead in the stage musical Gantry, and singing two traditional songs in his iconic role in 1975's Jaws.


A Man for All Seasons (1966)Edit

  • I'm Going a'Courting Mother (solo)

Jaws (1975)Edit

  • Show Me the Way to Go Home
  • Spanish Ladies (solo)


Gantry (1970)(originated the role)Edit

  • He Was There (contains solo lines)
  • Play Ball with the Lord (contains solo lines)
  • Thanks, Sweet Jesus! (contains solo lines)
  • Someone I've Already Found (solo)
  • He's Never Too Busy (contains solo lines)
  • We're Sharin' Sharon (solo)
  • Show Him the Way (contains solo lines)
  • The Promise of What I Could Be (solo)
  • Gantry's Reaction (solo)
  • We're Sharin' Sharon (Reprise)(solo)

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