Robert Wagner
Biographical Information
Born February 10th, 1930
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Productions With a Song in My Heart as G.I. Paratrooper
Titanic as Gifford Rogers
Say One for Me as Tony Vincent
Recordings Say One for Me (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Tenor


Born in Detroit, Michigan, Wagner made his screen debut in 1950 and soon became popular for his roles as suave characters in such films as Prince Valiant, White Feather and The Pink Panther, though he occasionally played villains, including in A Kiss Before Dying.

Following the 1970s, as well as appearing films like Towering Inferno and the Austin Powers series (as Number Two), Wagner made a move into television with such programmes as Hart to Hart and later Hustle and Two and a Half Men.


Wagner sang in three different films, firstly performing such duets as "Embraceable You" in With a Song in My Heart, joining the ensemble in several numbers in Titanic and as crooner Tony Vincent in Say One for Me.


With a Song in My Heart (1952)Edit

  • Embraceable You (duet)
  • Tea for Two (duet)
  • I'll Walk Alone (duet)

Titanic (1953)Edit

  • Viva La Company
  • Lord Jeffery Amherst
  • Far Above Cayuga's Waters
  • Yard by Yard
  • Oh, That Navajo Rag (solo)

Say One for Me (1959)Edit

  • You Can't Love 'Em All (duet)
  • The Girl Most Likely to Succeed (duet)
  • Chico's Choo Choo (duet)

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