Roy Hudd
Biographical Information
Born May 16th, 1936
Croydon, England
Productions Oliver! as Fagin
Underneath the Arches as Bud Flanagan (original London cast)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum as Pseudolus/Prologus
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) as Dickie Klein
Hard Times as Mr. Samuel Sleary (original London cast)
My Fair Lady as Alfred P. Doolittle
Jools Holland: London Calling
Follies as Theodore Whitman
Recordings Underneath the Arches (film soundtrack)
Hard Times (original cast recording)
Vocal Type Tenor

Roy Hudd is an English actor and comedian.


Born in Croydon, Surrey, he broke out onto radio in 1959 with Workers' Playtime and television in the Sixties with the sketch shows The Illustrated Weekly Hudd and The Roy Hudd Show. He became an expert on music hall and would go on to release a CD on which he performed a number of classic monologues and routines.

Onscreen, Hudd had roles in such television series as Lipstick on Your Collar, Common as Muck and Coronation Street, in which he played the recurring role of undertaker Archie Shuttleworth. He was also a regular in pantomimes, where he would often play flamboyant characters such as Dames.


Hudd sang a number of times onstage, beginning with the 1977 revival of Oliver! as Fagin and originating the role of Bud Flanagan in Underneath the Arches. He also originated the role of Samuel Sleary in Hard Times and played such roles as Pseudolus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Doolittle in My Fair Lady.


Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)(2000)Edit

  • A Couple of Swells (solo)

Jools Holland: London Calling (2012)Edit

  • While London's Fast Asleep (solo)


Oliver! (1977)Edit

  • Pick a Pocket or Two (contains solo lines)
  • Rum Tum Tum (solo)
  • I'd Do Anything (contains solo lines)
  • Be Back Soon (contains solo lines)
  • It's a Fine Life (reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • Reviewing the Situation (solo)
  • Reviewing the Situation (reprise)(solo)

Underneath the Arches (1982)(originated the role)Edit

  • Say Ta-Ta to Your Tar
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones (contains solo lines)
  • If a Grey-Haired Lady (contains solo lines)
  • Umbrella Man (contains solo lines)
  • We're Always on the Outside (duet)
  • Mister Right (contains solo lines)
  • Hey, Neighbour (duet)
  • Pantomime (contains solo lines)
  • Free (duet)
  • They're Building Flats Where The Arches Used to Be (duet)
  • Five Little Broken Blossoms (contains solo lines)
  • Just For Laughs (reprise)(duet)
  • Music Maestro, Please (solo)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1999)Edit

  • Comedy Tonight (contains solo lines)
  • Free (duet)
  • Pretty Little Picture (contains solo lines)
  • Everybody Ought to Have a Maid (contains solo lines)
  • Bring Me My Bride (contains solo lines)
  • Lovely (reprise) (duet)
  • The Dirge (contains solo lines)
  • Comedy Tonight (reprise) (contains solo lines)

Hard Times (2000)(originated the role)Edit

  • Another Town Tomorrow (contains solo lines)
  • The Greatest Show on the Earth (contains solo lines)

My Fair Lady (2009)Edit

  • With a Little Bit of Luck (contains solo lines)
  • With a Little Bit of Luck (reprise)(contains solo lines)
  • Get Me to the Church On Time (contains solo lines)

Follies (2015)Edit

  • Montage (Rain on the Roof/Ah, Paris!/Broadway Baby)(contains solo lines)

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