Russell Means
Biographical Information
Born November 10th, 1939
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, United States
Died October 22nd, 2012
Porcupine, South Dakota, United States
Productions Natural Born Killers as Old Indian
Recordings Electric Warrior
Natural Born Killers (film soundtrack)
The Radical
Vocal Type Baritone

Russell Means was an American actor.


Born on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, began acting from 1992, notably beginning as Chief Chingachook in Last of the Mohicans and voicing Chief Powhatan in Disney's Pocahontas films. He also appeared in Thomas and the Magic Railroad and Pathfinder.

Means also became well known for his work as a Native American activist and was a member of the American Indian Movement. He also ran for nomination of President of the United States in 1987.

Means passed away in 2012.


Means appeared in Natural Born Killers as an Old Indian, in which he performed the song "I Will Take You Home." He also releases the albums Electric Warrior and The Radical.


Natural Born Killers (1994)Edit

  • I Will Take You Home (solo)


Electric Warrior (1993)Edit

  • Aim Is Still Alive (solo)
  • Lost At Sea (solo)
  • Una Gente Indio (solo)
  • The Inquisition (solo)
  • Nuclear World (solo)
  • Winds Of Change (solo)
  • Paha Sapa (solo)
  • Seventh Generation (solo)
  • What Tribe Are You (solo)
  • Wounded Knee Set Us Free (solo)
  • Indian Cars Go Far (solo)
  • Mrs. God (solo)
  • The Balance (solo)
  • Class Of '73 (solo)
  • Remember Wounded Knee (solo)
  • Hey You, Hey Indian (solo)

The Radical (1995)Edit

  • Chief Joseph (solo)
  • The Radical (solo)
  • Nixon's Dead Ass (solo)
  • Ain't No Prison for the Corporation (solo)
  • Channel Surfing (solo)
  • I Love You I Love You I Do (solo)
  • Halls of Congress (solo)
  • Waco: the white man's Wounded Knee (solo)
  • Anarchy (soko)
  • Conspiracy To Be Free (solo)
  • Seattle (solo)

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