Sail Away.

Sail Away is a stage musical.



Mimi Paragon is the American cruise director on board the British luxury cruise ship Carolonia, bound for a Mediterranean cruise. Mimi is middle-aged and divorced. The younger Johnny Van Mier romances Mimi. During the course of their ship romance, they have to deal with annoying and troublesome passengers such as the Sweeneys. The Sweeneys confide that the secret to their long marriage is that they have disliked each other so intensely, over such a long period of time, that others now find them endearing.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Come to Me" – Mimi Paragon and Stewards
  • "Sail Away" – John Van Mier
  • "Where Shall I Find Him?" – Nancy Foyle
  • "Beatnik Love Affair" – Barnaby Slade, Nancy and the Passengers
  • "Later Than Spring" – John
  • "The Passenger’s Always Right" – Joe and Stewards
  • "Useless, Useful Phrases" – Mimi
  • "Go Slow, Johnny" – John
  • "You’re a Long, Long Way from America" – Mimi and Company
Act II
  • "The Customer’s Always Right" – Ali and the Arabs
  • "Something Very Strange" – Mimi
  • "The Little Ones’ ABC" – Mimi, Alvin Lush and the Children
  • "Don’t Turn Away from Love" – John
  • "When You Want Me" – Barnaby and Nancy
  • "Why Do the Wrong People Travel" – Mimi
  • "When You Want Me" (Reprise) – The Company

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