Sandra Bullock
Biographical Information
Born July 26th, 1964
Arlington County, Virginia, United States
Productions The Thing Called Love as Linda Lue Linden
The Net as Angela Bennett
Muppets Tonight
Forces of Nature as Sarah Lewis
The Proposal as Margaret Tate

Sandra Bullock is an American actress.


Born in Arlington County, Virginia, her parents were an opera singer and vocal coach respectively, and she sang in small roles in her mothers productions. She studied at East Carolina University and got a role in the off-Broadway play No Time Flat which led to being cast in a number of independent films and television appearances, and eventually the immensely successful Speed.

Bullock then began to appear in several successful roles, including While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality and the Academy Award winning Crash, and winning the Award for best actress The Blind Side. By August 2014, (after another Academy Award nominated role in Gravity) she had become the highest earning actress in the movie business.


Bullock has sung in a number of her films, beginning with "Heaven Knocking on My Door" (which she also wrote) in This Thing Called Love and the Muppets associated theme "Phenomenon " during her guest zppearance on the show Muppets Tonight.

She also sang snippets of music in later films, including "Relax" in the comedy The Proposal.


The Thing Called Love (1993)Edit

  • Heaven Knocking on My Door (solo)

The Net (1995)Edit

  • Moon River (duet)

Forces of Nature (1999)Edit

  • Do Your Duet (solo)

The Proposal (2009)Edit

  • Relax (solo)
  • It Takes Two (duet)


Muppets Tonight (1996)Edit

  • Phenomenon (contains solo lines)

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