Sebastian Cabot
Biographical Information
Born July 6th, 1918
London, England
Died August 22nd, 1977
North Saanich, British Columbia, United States
Productions The Sword in the Stone as Sir Ector
The Jungle Book as Bagheera
Recordings The Jungle Book (soundtrack)
Vocal Type Baritone

Sebastian Cabot was an English actor.


Born Charles Cabot in London, England, he initially became a chauffeur and valet before gaining an interest in the theatre and made his screen debut in 1935. He made a number of British films before his distinguished voice led to him becoming a voice actor, working on radio, narrating Disney's Winnie the Pooh films and appearing in several of their films.

In 1966, Cabot took on his most famous role, as Giles French in Family Affair. He also made a very memorable appearance in The Twilight Zone as Pip, the mysterious guide.

Cabot passed away in 1977.


Cabot only gave two actual singing performances on film, briefly singing the drinking song "The Blue Oak Tree" in The Sword in the Stone and performing the final duet in The Jungle Book as Bagheera. However, he also released an album of spoken word recitatives of Bob Dylan songs, which earned him a space on the original Golden Throats album.


The Sword in the Stone (1963)Edit

  • The Blue Oak Tree (duet)

The Jungle Book (1967)Edit

  • The Bare Necessities (second reprise)(duet)

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