Skyscraper is a stage musical based on the Elmer Rice play Dream Girl.



The story is of Georgina, an antiques dealer who is determined to save her midtown Manhattan brownstone from the bulldozer. The girders of a new skyscraper are stalking her, and she has been offered $165,000 for her Rutherford B. Hayes-era building. When she can manage to stay on track, Georgina is bright in her thinking and staunch in her beliefs. But far too often she strays into a Walter Mitty-like dream world full of funny fantasies with her effete shop assistant.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Occasional Flight of Fancy" - Georgina and Officials
  • "Run For Your Life" - Timothy Bushman and Herbert Bushman
  • "Local 403" - Stanley, Construction Workers and Girls
  • "Opposites" - Georgina and Timothy Bushman
  • "Run For Your Life" (Reprise) - Timothy Bushman
  • "Just the Crust" - Roger Summerhill and Herbert Bushman
  • "Everybody Has a Right to Be Wrong" - Georgina and Timothy Bushman
  • "Everybody Has a Right to Be Wrong" (Reprise) - Georgina
  • "Wrong!" - Georgina, Mrs. Allerton, Charlotte and Customers
  • "The Auction" - Customers
  • "Occasional Flight of Fancy" (Reprise) - Georgina
Act II
  • "The Gaiety" - Customers
  • "More Than One Way" - Timothy Bushman and Construction Workers
  • "Haute Couture" - Stanley, Models and Construction Workers
  • "Don't Worry" - Roger Summerhill and Herbert Bushman
  • "Don't Worry" (Reprise) - Georgina and Roger Summerhill
  • "I'll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her" - Timothy Bushman
  • "Spare That Building" - Georgina, Timothy Bushman, Roger Summerhill and Company

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