Something for the Boys

Something for the Boys is a stage musical by Cole Porter, Herbert and Dorothy Fields.



Three cousins inherit a Texas ranch that is next to a military base. Blossom Hart is a worker in the war department, Chiquita Hart is a night club dancer/singer, and Harry Hart is a carnival pitchman. Although none of the cousins know each other, they join together to convert the ranch into a boarding house for soldiers' wives.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Grubbs thinks the activities at the house are suspicious and he tries to close it down. Meanwhile, Blossom and Rocky Fulton, a bandleader in the Army band, begin a romance, much to the displeasure of his fiance, Melanie.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "See That You're Born in Texas" - Ensemble
  • "When My Baby Goes to Town" - Staff Sgt. Rocky Fulton
  • "Something for the Boys" - Blossom Hart and Boys
  • "When We're Home on the Range" - Blossom Hart, Chiquita Hart and Harry Hart
  • "Could It Be You?" - Staff Sgt. Rocky Fulton and Boys
  • "Hey, Good Lookin'" - Blossom Hart and Staff Sgt. Rocky Fulton
  • "Hey, Good Lookin'" (Reprise) - Betty-Jean, Corp. Burns, Girls and Boys
  • "He's a Right Guy" - Blossom Hart
  • "The Leader of a Big Time Band" - Blossom Hart
Act II
  • "I'm in Love with a Soldier Boy" - Mary-Frances, Girls and Boys
  • "There's a Happy Land in the Sky" - Blossom Hart, Chiquita Hart, Harry Hart, Mr. Tobias Twitch and Staff Sgt. Rocky Fulton
  • "He's a Right Guy" (Reprise) - Blossom Hart
  • "Could It Be You?" (Reprise) - Staff Sgt. Rocky Fulton and Ensemble
  • "By the Mississinewa" - Blossom Hart and Chiquita Hart

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