Sondheim: A Musical Tribute.

Sondheim: A Musical Tribute was a 1973 tribute to the works of Stephen Sondheim.


Musical numbersEdit

  • "Do I Hear A Waltz?" - Dorothy Collins
  • "If Mama Was Married" - Alice Playten and Virginia Sandifur
  • "America" - Chita Rivera
  • "One More Kiss" - Justine Johnston and Victoria Mallory
  • "Broadway Baby" - Ethel Shutta
  • "You Could Drive A Person Crazy" - Donna McKechnie, Pamela Myers and Susan Browning
  • "Take Me To The World" - Marti Rolph
  • "I Remember" - Victoria Mallory
  • "Silly People" - George Lee Andrews
  • "Two Fairy Tales" - Mark Lambert and Victoria Mallory
  • "Love Is In The Air" - Larry Blyden and Susan Browning
  • "Your Eyes Are Blue" - Harvey Evans and Pamela Hall
  • "Pleasant Little Kingdom" - Dorothy Collins and John McMartin
  • "Too Many Mornings" - Dorothy Collins and John McMartin
  • "Me And My Town" - Angela Lansbury, Harvey Evans & Tony Stevens
  • "The Little Things You Do Together" - Mary McCarty
  • "Getting Married Today" - Beth Howland, Teri Ralston and Steve Elmore
  • "Buddy's Blues" - Larry Blyden, Donna McKechnie & Chita Rivera
  • "So Many People" - Susan Browning and Jack Cassidy
  • "Another Hundred People" - Pamela Myers
  • "Happily Ever After" - Larry Kert
  • "Being Alive" - Larry Kert
  • "Do I Hear A Waltz?"/"We're Gonna Be All Right" - Laurence Guittard and Teri Ralston
  • "Beautiful Girls" - Ronald Holgate
  • "I'm Still Here" - Nancy Walker
  • "A Parade In Town" - Angela Lansbury
  • "Could I Leave You?" - Alexis Smith
  • "Losing My Mind" - Dorothy Collins

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