Sophie Marceau
Biographical Information
Born November 17th, 1966
Paris, France
Recordings Viva! Sophie
Vocal Type Mezzo-soprano

Sophie Marceau is a French actress.


Born in Paris, France, Marceau was initially a model before being cast in La Boum whilst still a teenager. She would appear in such films as Chouans! and played Eliza Doolittle on stage in Pygmalion before gaining international notice as Queen Isabella in Braveheart.

Marceau would continue to appear in a mixture of English and French language films, most notably playing Elektra King in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, in France she appeared in (amongst others) Arrêtez-Moi and Happiness Never Comes Alone.


Marceau performed on two albums early in her career, Viva! Sophie alongside François Valery and her own solo effort Certitude.


Viva! Sophie (1982)Edit

  • Dream in Blue (duet)

Certitude (1985)Edit

  • Berezina (solo)
  • Formose Tripper (solo)
  • Vive La Mariée Senor (solo)
  • L'Hirondelle Dans Le Sel (solo)
  • Barcelona (solo)
  • Petite Certitude (solo)
  • Ton Corps, Mon Corps (solo)
  • Sibérie Fait Froid (solo)
  • Elle Est Dure (solo)

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