Taboo is a stage musical penned by George O'Dowd, better known as "Boy George."



The show is based partly on the New Romantic scene of the 1980s. At its core is the life and career of colourful pop star Boy George (who rose to global prominence in the early 1980s with his band Culture Club) and his contemporaries, including performance artist and club promoter Leigh Bowery, pop singer Marilyn, Blitz nightclub host Steve Strange (later of the electro-pop group Visage), and Philip Sallon, punk groupie and Mud Club promoter.

Although George was intimate with the central figures, artistic license around relationships and time frames was taken for continuity; for example, Bowery never attended the Blitz nightclub, as he was living in Australia at the time.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Ode To Attention Seekers" – Philip Sallon and Freaks
  • "Safe In The City" – Billy
  • "Freak" – Philip Sallon and Freaks
  • "Stranger In This World" – Boy George
  • "Genocide Peroxide" – Marilyn
  • "I'll Have You All" – Leigh Bowery, Billy and Philip Sallon
  • "Love Is A Question Mark" – Billy and Kim
  • "Shelter" – Petal and Tarts
  • "Pretty Lies" – Kim
  • "Guttersnipe" – George and Marilyn
  • "Talk Amongst Yourselves" – Josie
  • "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" – Boy George
  • "Touched By The Hand Of Cool" – Leigh Bowery, Billy and Slaves
  • "Stranger In This World" (Reprise) – Billy
Act II
  • "Everything Taboo" – Leigh Bowery and Full Company
  • "Petrified" – Philip Sallon
  • "I See Through You" – Billy
  • "Independent Woman" – Josie, Kim and Philip Sallon
  • "Ich Bin Kunst" – Leigh Bowery
  • "Out Of Fashion" – Steve Strange
  • "Il Adore" – Big Sue
  • "Pie in the Sky" – Boy George
  • "Bow Down Mister" – Full Company


  • "Karma Chameleon" – Ensemble

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