The Boys from Syracuse.

This is about the stage musical. For the film adaptation, see The Boys from Syracuse (1940 film).

The Boys from Syracuse is a stage musical based on William Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors.



Identical twins Antipholus of Ephesus and Antipholus of Syracuse, were separated from each other in a shipwreck as young children. Their servants, both named Dromio, are also long-separated identical twins. When the pair from Syracuse come to Ephesus, a comedy of errors and mistaken identities ensues when the wives of the Ephesians, Adriana and her servant Luce, mistake the two strangers for their husbands. Adriana's sister Luciana and the Syracuse Antipholus fall in love. But all ends happily.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I

  • "I Had Twins" – A Sergeant, Aegon, Duke of Ephesus and The Crowd
  • "Dear Old Syracuse" – Antipholus of Syracuse and Dromio of Syracuse
  • "What Do You Do With a Man?" – Dromio of Ephesus and Luce
  • "Falling in Love with Love" – Adriana
  • "The Shortest Day of the Year" – Adriana and Antipholus of Ephesus
  • "This Can't Be Love" – Antipholus of Syracuse and Luciana
  • "Let Antipholus In" – Entire Company (not in 2002 revival)

Act II

  • "You Took Advantage of Me" – The Courtesans (in 2002 revival, from Present Arms, 1928)
  • "Ladies of the Evening" – Singing Policeman, Another Policeman, Policemen and Courtesans (not in 2002 revival)
  • "He and She" – Dromio of Syracuse and Luce
  • "You Have Cast Your Shadow on the Sea" – Antipholus of Syracuse and Luciana
  • "Come With Me" – A Sergeant and Syracuse Policemen
  • "Big Brother" – Dromio of Ephesus (comes before *"Come With Me" in 2002 revival, and sung by both Dromios)
  • "Sing for Your Supper" – Adriana, Luce, Luciana,
  • "Oh, Diogenes!" – Courtesan and Full Company
  • The 2002 revival ended with :
    • "Hurrah! Hurroo (reprise) (Sing for Your Supper)" – Madam, Courtesans, Luce, Adriana, Luciana, and the Crowd
    • "This Can't Be Love" (reprise) – The Company

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