The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood.

The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood is a 1968 musical special.



This revisionist fairy tale is told from the Wolf's point of view. He was minding his business when along came this precocious little girl, Red Riding Hood. "And the nerve of that cowardly woodsman, daring to hint that I was attacking her", the wolf cries. Naturally, the animals of the forest do not believe him.

Musical numbersEdit

  • "We Wish the World a Happy Yule/Main Titles" - Wolf and Chorus
  • "My Red Riding Hood" - Little Red Riding Hood
  • "Snubbed" - Wolf and The Animals
  • "Woodsman's Serenade/Granny's Gulch" - Woodsman
  • "Along the Way" - Woodsman
  • "I'm Naive" - Little Red Riding Hood
  • "I'm Naive" (reprise) - Wolf
  • "We're Gonna Howl Tonight" - The Animals
  • "Ding-A-Ling, Ding-A-Ling" - Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf
  • "Granny" - Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf
  • "Along the Way" (reprise) - Woodsman
  • "We Wish the World a Happy Yule" - Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Woodsman and Chorus
  • "My Red Riding Hood/End Titles" - Chorus

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