The second series of The Danny Kaye Show was aired in 1964.


Regular singing castEdit

Recurring singing guestsEdit



Episode OneEdit

  • "Downtown" - Gwen Verdon

Episode TwoEdit

  • "When the Sun Comes Out" - Barbara McNair
  • "I Feel a Song Comin' On" - Barbara McNair

Episode ThreeEdit

  • "Lonesome Road" - Joe and Eddie

Episode FiveEdit

  • "A Ruddy by the Name of You" - Danny Kaye and Angela Lansbury
  • "This Is All I Ask" - John Gary
  • "Danny Boy" - John Gary

Episode SixEdit

  • "Rockin' Red Riding Hood" - Dorothy Collins and Danny Kaye

Episode ElevenEdit

  • "If This Isn't Love" - Danny Kaye and Laurie Ichino
  • "Who Cares?" - Pearl Bailey
  • $Personality" - Pearl Bailey
  • "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" - Danny Kaye and Pearl Bailey
  • "Mother Goose Jumps" - Danny Kaye and The Earl Brown Singers

Episode FourteenEdit

  • "The Christmas Waltz" - Danny Kaye and Gwen Verdon
  • "There's a Lull in My Life" - Gwen Verdon
  • "The Song Is Ended" - Gwen Verdon
  • "Jingle Journey" - Jo Stafford and Danny Kaye
  • "It's Almost Like Being in Love" - Jo Stafford and Danny Kaye

Episode FifteenEdit

  • "Bidin' My Time" - Danny Kaye and Buddy Ebsen

Episode Twenty-ThreeEdit

  • "The Lady is a Tramp" - Shirley Bassey

Episode Twenty-FiveEdit

  • "Swanee" - Jim Nabors

Episode Twenty-SixEdit

  • "My Wild Irish Rose" - Enzo Stuarti

Episode Twenty-EightEdit

  • "Some People" - Kit Smythe
  • "The Party's Over" - Kit Smythe
  • "Pleasure" - Danny Kaye, Howard Morris and Kit Smythe

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