The Goodbye Girl.

The Goodbye Girl is a stage musical based on the 1977 film of the same name.



Egotistical actor Elliot Garfield sublets a friend's Manhattan apartment only to discover it is still occupied by his friend's ex-girlfriend Paula, a former dancer, and her precocious pre-teen daughter Lucy. Initially suspicious and antagonistic, Elliot and Paula arrive at an uneasy truce. Paula, fed up with being hurt by boyfriend-actors, rashly vows never to become involved again, while Elliot sets down the rules for the living arrangements. Paula decides to return to work as a dancer, but during dance class finds it difficult.

While attempting to cohabit as peacefully as possible, despite their differences of opinion and temperament, Elliot and Paula find themselves attracted to each other. Although Elliot finds a job out-of-town, Paula realises that this is the true love she has been seeking, and they reach a happy ending.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "This Is as Good as It Gets" — Paula and Lucy
  • "No More" — Paula
  • "A Beat Behind" — Paula, Billy and Ensemble
  • "This Is as Good as It Gets" (Reprise) - Lucy, Melanie and Cynthia
  • "My Rules" — Elliot and Paula
  • "Good News, Bad News" —Elliot, Paula and Lucy
  • "Footsteps" — Paula and Lucy
  • "How Can I Win?" - Paula
  • "Richard Interred" - Elliot, Paula, Lucy, Mark, Mrs. Crosby, Donna and Ensemble
Act II
  • "How Can I Win?" (Reprise) - Paula
  • "Good News, Bad News" (Reprise)- Elliot
  • "Too Good to Be Bad" - Paula, Donna and Jenna
  • "2 Good 2 Be Bad" - Mrs. Crosby
  • "Who Would've Thought?" - Paula, Elliot, Lucy, Melanie and Cynthia
  • "Paula (An Improvised Love Song)" - Elliot and Paula
  • "Who Would've Thought?" (Reprise) - Lucy, Melanie and Cynthia
  • "I Think I Can Play This Part" - Elliot
  • "Jump for Joy" - Paula and Ensemble
  • "What a Guy" — Paula
  • "Finale" — Paula, Elliot and Lucy

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