The Knife is a stage musical by David Hare.



Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "To Be at Sea" - Peter, Angela and Chorus
  • "Hello Jeremy/Agnus Dei/Miserere" - Peter, Ralph, Jeremy and Choir
  • "Between the Sheets" - Angela
  • "Blow Slow Kisses" - Jenny, Roxanne and Sally
  • "The Gay Rap" - Waiters
  • "Men's Eyes" - Jenny and Peter
  • "The Shape I'm In" - Peter
  • "You're No Unique" - Peter, Dr. Baeur and Officials
  • "Macumba" - Mariachi Singer
  • "Someone Who Touches Me" - Jenny
Act II
  • "Africa" - Peter and Jenny
  • "Shadows Dance Behind You" - Jenny
  • "The Knife/To Be at Sea" (reprise) - Dr. Baeur and Hospital Staff
  • "Hello Peter, We're Going Out" - Angela, Peter and Ralph
  • "What Would You Do in My Place?" - Johnny
  • "When I Was a Man" - Peter
  • "At Least There Are Parties" - Peter, Michael and Guests
  • "The Open Sea" - Jenny and Peter
  • "Ache in Acorn" - Schoolchildren
  • "What You Mean to Me" - Peter and Johnny

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