The Little Prince and the Aviator.

The Little Prince and the Aviator is a stage musical based on the novel The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.



Based on the classic book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the musical deviates from the original in that aviator Toni, whose plane crashes in the Sahara Desert, explicitly is real-life author Saint-Exupéry, and the plot alternates flashbacks to actual events in his life with his interaction with the fictional Little Prince, a refugee from Asteroid B-612.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I

  • "Par Avion" - Toni, Georges and Suzanne
  • "Power Comes, Power Goes" - Snake
  • "I Pity the Poor Poor Parisiennes" - Toni
  • Making Every Minute Count" - Toni, Georges and Pilots
  • "Made for Each Other" - Toni and Rose
  • "Wind, Sand, Stars" - Toni, Georges and Pilots
  • "First Impressions" - Little Prince
  • "A Day Will Never Be the Same" - Fennec and Pilots
  • "I've Got You to Thank for All This" - Suzanne
  • "I Don't Regret a Thing" - Toni
  • "We Couldn't We Mustn't We Won't" - Toni, Suzanne as a Child and Georges as a Child

Act II

  • "Watch Out for the Baobabs" - Little Prince
  • "I Like My Misfortunes to Be Taken Seriously" - Toni
  • "The Volcano Song" - Little Prince
  • "More Than Just a Pretty Flower" - Rose
  • "First Impressions" (Reprise) - Little Prince
  • "The Volcano Song" (Reprise) - Little Prince
  • "Playground of the Planets" - Little Prince
  • "It Was You" - Georges
  • "Grain of Sand" - Little Prince
  • "I Don't Regret a Thing" (Reprise) - Toni
  • "Sunset Song" - Little Prince
  • "Little Prince/Stars Will Be Laughing" - Toni and Little Prince

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