The Petrified Prince.

The Petrified Prince is a stage musical based on an Ingmar Bergman screenplay.



Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Move" - Prince Samson and Company
  • "There Are Happy Endings" - Queen Katarina and King Maximilian
  • "His Family Tree" - Cardinal Pointy, Judge Schied, General Petschul and Courtiers
  • "The Easy Life" - Queen Katarina
  • "Abbe's Appearance" - Abbe Sebastian
  • "Samson's Thoughts" - Prince Samson and Company
  • "Pointy's Lament" - Cardinal Pointy and Statues
  • "Woman in Search of Happiness" - Roberta, Fernando and Gypsies
  • "Napoleon's Nightmare" - Napoleon
  • "Dormez-Vous" - General Montesquieu and General Petschul
  • "One Little Taste" - Madame Paulina and Brothel Girls
  • "Never Can Tell" - Elise
  • "Look Closer, Love" - Elise
  • "Stay" - Prince Samson and Elise
  • "Finale: Move" - Queen Katarina and Company
Act II
  • "Move" (reprise) - Queen Katarina and Company
  • "Without Me" - Queen Katarina and Palace Guards
  • "The Animal Song" - Elise
  • "Samson's Epiphany" - Prince Samson
  • "Fernando's Suicide" - Fernando
  • The Easy Life" (reprise) - Queen Katarina
  • "The Easy Life" (second reprise) - Elise
  • "Addio, Bambino" - Mama Chiaramonte and Pope Pius VII
  • "Roberta's Passion Play" (reprise) - Roberta, Fernando
  • "What the Prince Is Saying" - Elise and Company
  • "I Would Like to Say" - Prince Samson, Elise
  • "Finale" - Company

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