The Rogers Brothers in Washington is a musical farce.



Musical numbersEdit

  • "The Girl of Greater New York" - Chorus
  • "Get Next to the Man with a Pull" - Fuller Guffe and Full Chorus
  • "In the Swim" - Clara Braley and Full Chorus
  • "Ma Ebony Belle" - Carlos Chauffs, Louis Lauffs and Maizi Mahoni
  • "1776-1901" - Chorus
  • "Diplomacy" - Maizi Mahoni and Full Chorus
  • "Watermelon Party" - Esther Pace and Full Chorus
  • "An Englishman's Idea of Rag-time" - Alf Harriman
  • "The Game of Love" - Margy and Johnny Lift
  • "The Wedding of the Reuben and the Maid, or, They Were On Their Honeymoon" - Carlos Chauffs, Louis Lauffs, Clara Braley and Bessie Braley
  • "The Electric Lights Cadets" - Entire Company
  • "At the Pan-American" - Chorus
  • "My (Little) Bunco Queen" - Carlos Chauffs and Louis Lauffs

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