The Yearling.

The Yearling is a musical based on the novel by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.



Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Let Him Kick Up His Heels" - Penny and Ora
  • "Boy Talk" - Jody and Fodder-Wing
  • "Bear Hunt" - Penny, Jody and Forresters
  • "Some Day I'm Gonna Fly" - Jody, Fodder-Wing and Forresters
  • "Lonely Clearing" - Penny
  • "Everything in the World I Love" - Jody and Mrs. Hutto
  • "I'm All Smiles" - Twink
  • "I'm All Smiles (Reprise) ..... Oliver
  • "The Kind of Man a Woman Needs" - Ora
  • "What a Happy Day" - Ora, Jody, Doc, Buck and Millwheel
  • "What a Happy Day" (Reprise) - Jody, Buck, Doc and Millwheel
Act II
  • "Ain't He a Joy?" - Penny and Jody
  • "Why Did I Choose You?" - Penny and Ora
  • "One Promise" - Ora
  • "One Promise" (Reprise) - Ora and Townspeople
  • "Bear Hunt" (Reprise) - Entire Company
  • "Everything in the World I Love" (Reprise) - Penny, Jody, Mrs. Hutto, Oliver, Twink, Townspeople
  • "What a Happy Day" (Reprise) - Jody
  • "Nothing More" - Penny and Jody
  • "Everything Beautiful" - Ora

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