Tilda Swinton
Biographical Information
Born November 5th, 1960
London, England
Productions A Bigger Splash as Marianne Lane

Tilda Swinton is an Anglo-Scottish actress.


Born Katherine Matilda Swinton in London, England, she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1984 and appeared in a number of films directed by Derek Jarman before her titular role as the androgynous Orlando. She later began to appear in more mainstream productions, including Vanilla Sky, Constantine and the Chronicles of Narnia series.

While she has participated in many ventures, notably appearing as a live installation in 1995, Swinton remained best known for her acting roles, appearing in a mixture of dramatic (Michael Clayton - which earned an Academy Award nomination - and We Need to Talk About Kevin) and comic films (which include Burn After Reading and The Grand Budapest Hotel.)


Swinton's sole singing role came with A Bigger Splash, in which she sang the Rolling Stones number "Worried About You."


A Bigger Splash (2015)Edit

  • Worried About You (solo)

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