Tina Majorino
Biographical Information
Born February 7th, 1985
Westlake, California, United States
Productions Alice in Wonderland as Alice
Vocal Type Mezzo-soprano

Tina Majorino is an American actress.


Born in Westlake, Los Angeles, Majorino made her acting debut in the sitcom Camp Wilder, playing the lead role of Sophie, before appearing in a number of family films, Waterworld and Alice in Wonderland.

Majorino did not act again until 2004, in the comedy film Napoleon Dynamite and series such as Veronica Mars, True Blood and Grey's Anatomy.


Majorino performed in Alice in Wonderland, singing songs including "Cherry Ripe" and "Will You, Won't You Join the Dance" (reprise).


Alice in Wonderland (1999)Edit

  • Cherry Ripe (solo)
  • The Blossom Tree (solo)
  • Beautiful Soup
  • Will You, Won't You Join the Dance (reprise)(solo)

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